Birchleigh’s Farm

How long has your family been in the apple business?

Waldo’s dad purchased the farm in 1952.

The Walsh’s are supporters of Scotian Gold Cooperative where the family has been a proud member since its inception in 1957.

How long have you been in the apple business?

We (Waldo and Judy) purchased the farm from Waldo’s parents (Fred and Mary) in 1997 and later purchased two additional orchards in the South Berwick area which we have renewed with newer varieties and systems. We farm 100 acres of orchard (apples and pears) with apples representing over 95% of our production. The predominant apple varieties grown on the farm are Honeycrisp, Minneiska (SweeTango), Gala and Ambrosia.

Your favourite apple

We don’t really have a favourite although a Minneiska (SweeTango) fresh off the tree is one of our top picks. Gravenstein apples for homemade pies is a must!