Our Facility

Our facility is equipped with industry leading storage, pre-sort, grading and packing capabilities. With 65 storage rooms featuring both controlled and dynamic controlled atmosphere, we are equipped to store fruit year-round.

Our packing house features full pre-sort capabilities including near-infrared technology which allows us to size and grade our fruit for both external and internal imperfections.

Packing Line

Our high capacity, high efficiency packing line integrates cutting edge technology along with the latest in automation allowing us to reliably deliver our premium quality apples consistently to our customers and consumers.

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Scotian Gold has 60 controlled atmosphere (CA) rooms and 5 dynamic controlled atmosphere rooms that are monitored by our SafePod technology. We have the capacity to store over one million bushels.

In our CA rooms, we remove the oxygen to slow the respiration rate and put the apples in a dormant state to slow their ripening process in order to extend the marketing season.

Presort Line

Scotian Gold is the only facility in Atlantic Canada with a dedicated presort system capable of running 600 bins per shift.

The equipment automatically sorts the fruit for size, colour, internal and external defects. Water is used throughout the entire process in order to minimize bruising.

Scotian Gold’s Facility

Our facility is close to the Port of Halifax

If you need us to ship next door or around the world, we have a solution. We are located just 60 minutes or 100 km from the Port of Halifax. The Port of Halifax provides excellent service when exporting products anywhere in the world.

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