The roots of Scotian Gold Cooperative Limited were formed in 1912 when a group of fruit growers got together and formed The United Fruit Companies of Nova Scotia. These forward thinking farmers knew that if they worked together to market their produce, they would have more success than trying to compete on an individual basis. Our company was formed in 1957 as a rebranding and reorganization of The United Fruit Companies of Nova Scotia.

Today, Scotian Gold is a grower owned tree fruit cooperative specializing in high quality, premium apple varieties such as Honeycrisp, SweeTango®, Ambrosia and many more.

Scotian Gold Cooperative stores and packs 60 percent of the apple production in Atlantic Canada and is the largest apple packing and storage operation in Eastern Canada with fruit arriving from more than 50 family operated apple orchards across the province. In addition to our grower owners, we have more than 25 additional committed apple growers who bring their fruit to Scotian Gold to pack, store and market.

Lead by the vision of the board of directors and our growers, the company strives to produce, store and pack the best quality apples possible. Dedicated farmers using modern equipment, technology and practices under the guidance of our tree fruit specialist carefully tend their orchards.